Southern Implants is a leading provider of unique and innovative dental implant products with a focus on top-end professional users who want more choices. Southern’s expertise in research, development and manufacturing of dental implants allows us to provide Innovative Treatment Solutions that will reduce treatment times and improve patient outcomes.


Exocad GmbH is a dynamic and innovative dental CAD/CAM software company. Exocad is committed to expanding the possibilities of digital dentistry and providing its distribution partners with flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use software. exocad‘s technology enables system integrators to turn equipment into comprehensive, class-leading solutions. Your freedom is our passion. This philosophy is at the heart of everything exocad does: the mission is to expand the possibilities of digital dentistry with its open and hardware-neutral software solutions. The complete software portfolio ranges from esthetic and implant planning, as well as designing, to the production of various esthetic and functional dental restorations. What’s more, these individual solutions are compatible and complement each other. In addition, they can be linked through dentalshare, a platform for multi-directional digital data transfer between clinicians, dental technicians, and production centers. A wide range of add-on modules ensures maximum flexibility for users.


Shining 3D, founded in 2004, is pioneering independent research and the development of 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies, owning over 300 patents and more than 100 copyrights. Shining 3D is well-positioned in the market and has the capacity to manufacture 3D products at a large scale, offer powerful 3D digital technologies, and provide strong support service worldwide. SHINING 3D’s mission is to improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling, to enable flexible production of high performance, complex structure parts, and to make 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies accessible to all; from large multi-national corporations worldwide to at home hobbyist.


The Company Behind The Innovation Versah® LLC was founded in April of 2014 by Dr. Salah Huwais, a practicing Periodontist in Jackson, Michigan. Dr. Huwais created Versah in order to provide dental implant clinicians with an improved and unique way to prepare osteotomies for implant placement. While placing implants over his 20 years of practice, Dr. Huwais consistently experienced the limitations of excavating bone using conventional drills when preparing osteotomies. His goal was to create a new instrument and procedure to maintain healthy bone while preparing osteotomies rather than remove it to simply make space. Osseodensification is the procedure that led to the creation of Versah. The procedure is accomplished using the patented instruments Dr. Huwais invented and named the Densah® Burs. Contrary to drilling away bone, the Densah Burs can be rotated in a non-cutting counterclockwise (CCW) direction at 800 – 1500 rpms and when coupled with irrigation, hydrodynamically densify bone through compaction autografting or Osseodensification. The result is a consistently cylindrical and densified osteotomy. Consistent osteotomies and densification are important to implant primary stability and to early loading.


Elos Medtech is your trusted design, development and production partner within dental contract manufacturing. Elos Medtechs reputation for quality is the result of an approach that builds it into every step of what we do. They also offer own dental implant components and instruments, supporting the implant company industry, Elos Accurate®, made for an open digital workflow and used by dental labs and clinics all over the world. Elos Dental is part of Elos Medtech – a global, highly specialized medtech company serving customers worldwide.


The company Medealis Professional Dental System was founded in February 2017 by three brothers Peter, Friedrich and Klaus. After the expansion of the company facilities and acquisition of the necessary equipment, they started with the challenge of introducing a QM system according to DIN EN ISO 13485. At the same time, we developed our first product. An attachment system for overdentures, which we want to launch on the market under the trade name Docklocs® Attachment System. Medealis goal is to be an efficient partner in the implantology segment. They want to support customers in being able to concentrate on the most important thing: their work, which ultimately leads to satisfied patients. The primary goal is to achieve success through innovative, clever and unique products and services. Our quality claim does not only include the pure 'physical' product quality, but also the conditions under which the articles were manufactured. For this reason we only manufacture in Germany under fair working conditions. "Made in Germany" is our conviction, not an empty marketing phrase.


Zest’s humble beginning started in 1972 within a small dental laboratory in San Diego, California. From that point through 1976, the original founder Max Zuest recognized the continual problems his clinician customers were experiencing with patients’ overdentures. During this time, the Zest® Attachment originated, a solution considered to be far better than what was on the market at the time. In 1977 Mr. Zuest’s son, Paul Zuest, joined him officially forming Zest Anchors and releasing the second generation Zest Anchor Advanced Generation (ZAAG®) Attachment. The ZAAG Attachment was designed for all major implant systems, a product differentiator that proved to be an important growth driver resulting in the need for a larger manufacturing facility in Escondido, California. In 2000, realizing improvements could still be made to the product portfolio, Paul took over operations of the company, and together with Scott Mullaly, set forth to develop a product that would eventually become the most globally recognized and trusted brand for overdenture restorations, the LOCATOR® Attachment System, commercially released in 2001. Today, Zest Dental Solution company’s flagship product LOCATOR has achieved worldwide acceptance as the premier overdenture attachment in the dental industry. More than 100 manufacturers have partnered with Zest to customize its patented LOCATOR Attachment System to be compatible with their respective implant platforms. Zest provides removable and fixed implant restorative solutions, world class narrow diameter implant systems, and dental materials and products for overdenture modification and processing to clinicians treating the real world problems associated with edentulism. The company has also further diversified its product portfolio with acquisitions of Danville Materials, a leader in small equipment and dental consumables, and Iveri Whitening. This diversification makes Zest a true solutions based company for a continuum of patient care from the preservation of natural teeth to the treatment of total edentulism. 


IPD has been operating in Spain since 2004, offering the most extensive range of dental abutments that are compatible with the main brands in the market. We now operate in more than 30 countries around the world, providing our solutions to thousands of clinics and technicians that trust IPD.From their facilities in Barcelona, IPD’s operations focus on: the design, manufacturing, and distribution of prosthetic abutments for dental implantology. IPD aims to supply a technologically advanced product of the highest possible quality, providing the best technical dental solutions to their customers.


Align Technology is a global medical device company that is changing lives through better smiles. They reimagine and reinvent the way orthodontic and restorative treatment is presented and delivered to millions of people around the world. The iTero Element family of scanners provides cart and mobile scanning versatility. The iTero Element Plus platform builds upon the success of the Element platform and takes your practice to the next level by enhancing digital adoption, productivity and the patient experience.